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Healthy Well-Being

You have the option of experiencing a unique service by bringing a mobile massage therapy office with all of the benefits of massage therapy to your home.

Therapist Who Cares

In order to provide you with the best experience, I will listen to you carefully to match your treatment for your specific needs and adjust it accordingly during your massage as required.

Experienced Knowledge

Our massage therapist will assess your needs so you get the perfect massage you will love. It should be "Just Right".


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Our Massages

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body. This massage is beneficial for athletes and those who sit for long periods of time. 



The goal of Swedish Massage is to melt away muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart. Swedish Massage is extremely therapeutic as it decreases muscle toxins, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and improves flexibility in the body. 


 ~ I use pure HobaCare Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) as an excellent massage medium to provide sufficient glide without impairing my ability to work deeply on a muscle while softening skin and reducing friction. Pure jojoba is an extract of it’s seed (Simmondsia chinenis) and is similar to the natural restorative esters our sebaceous glands produce for our skin. HobaCare Jojoba is non-allergenic, a renewable resource , bio-degradable and does not contain triglycerides. ~ Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Available Upon Request.

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Just Right Massage Therapy & Bodywork

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do for my appointment? What will the therapist do for my appointment?

~ Most people prefer to shower prior to receiving massage, especially if they were working or perspiring earlier in the day. This way as the massage opens yours pores, stimulates lymph and toxins release, your body will plain and simply, feel better by being clean.

~ Plan 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of your appointment time to relax, regroup and adjust from the rush of the outside world prior to the start of your massage. For your first appointment, you will need to fill out a health history form. Your therapist will go over this with you, discuss the kind of massage you are requesting and ask if you have any areas of concern or tight muscles (aka knots). Communication is the key to successful massage therapy, be honest with your therapist and thorough in your descriptions.

~ You will then be shown where you may hang your clothes when you undress/disrobe and where to place your belongings (jewelry you took off) Some clients walk into the mobile office in their robe; others prefer to wear their clothes in while carrying their robe & slippers/flip-flops to wear after their massage and still others, wear clothes in and the same clothes when they are done.  ~Your therapist will allow you enough time to undress in private and then lie down on the massage table in-between the linens. If you have any qualms about that, rest assured, it is easier then you think. You will be in a private, dimly lit area; take your robe/clothes off and hang them up. You slip your slippers/shoes off and climb in-between the fresh sheets on the massage table, while the therapist is out of the room. There might be candles lit and relaxing music playing. Your therapist will ask before re-entering so you won’t be caught in an embarrassing position.

What is draping? Will I be covered up during the massage?

~ During the massage, your therapist uses a technique called “draping”. Only the part of the body being massaged -- for example: your back, an arm, or a leg -- is exposed. Your privates are never exposed or uncovered. Woman’s breasts are not exposed or massaged. Your buttocks sometimes is but in a therapeutic manner only while still partially covered and can be done through a sheet if you prefer. ~ That being said, if you are really uncomfortable, you may wear your underwear. Your comfort level is the most important factor. There are styles of massage such as chair massage, reflexology or Thai massage where you stay fully clothed; talk to your massage therapist. ~ Men sometimes think that being nude means a sensual massage; this is not the case and it is a breach of massage etiquette to ask for one.

Occasionally Weather causes Cancellations of Appointments: ~ Considering that we are towing the mobile massage therapy office, road conditions are considered throughout the day during inclement weather when making these decisions.

More About Us

Hi, I’m Carol Rathgeber, a PA Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Pennsylvania License Number MSG000231. I am a certified member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) (aka ACMT). I am bound by a Code of Practice and Ethics. I graduated from The Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks, Pottstown PA in the Spring of 2009.

~ I first got the idea of ‘mobile massage’ after I received my first massage. I felt so relaxed and refreshed, just the thought of driving home, seemed tiring and stressful.   ~  Next was figuring out how…Now that I have accomplished that, I am on the road with my ‘Mobile Massage Therapy Office’!

~I provide everything you receive in a traditional (stationary) office including fresh linens covering a nicely-padded & heated massage table, a private changing area, with the optional addition of door to door service. All I need is a level parking area and an electrical outlet to plug into.

 I bring everything I need inside my 18’ trailer. I even bring a long extension cord.

~ Due to popular demand and an overwelming number of requests, You may choose to come to my Honey Brook location and save the travel/towing fee. Whichever you choose, you will step into my comfort conditioned (heat or air conditioned, light, music and aromatherapy enhanced) mobile office.